Vision & Philosophy


QMA will be internationally renowned for excellent music education incorporating both Arab and Western music, thereby helping to foster a thriving music culture in Qatar and the region.


Qatar Music Academy (QMA), a member of Qatar Foundation, aims to develop promisingyoung talent from the region to be the next generation of world-class musicians, by providing a comprehensive music education program which draws on practice, music theory and incorporates both Arab and Western classical music curriculum. QMA will provide an environment that encourages students to achieve their potential and will allow them to pursue a diverse range of career options relating to the music industry.


  • To establish a unique internationally recognised music academy that supports music and performance
  • To attract musically talented students from Qatar and the region
  • To provide a world class musical education
  • To build awareness and appreciation of music in Qatar and the region (traditional Arab and Western classical)
  • To research the musical heritage of the region and to safeguard it for future generations

Our Philosophy

Your Child. Our Focus.

Every child is an individual. No two are alike. Each learns in their own way. That’s why we devote utmost attention to yours. At Qatar Music Academy, we ensure low student to teacher ratios with small classes. Because one size never fits all.

We Are Family

Come home to Qatar Music Academy. Here, we value your commitment to a higher calling, your child. So don’t mind our emails or our calls. We’d like to keep you informed about your child’s progress, new opportunities, or just say hello. Likewise, our doors are always open. Share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Duty. Truth. Virtue.

Above good grades and great music, we shape character. As a member of our family, your child will be established in ethics and grace. As alumni, they will make positive contributions to society.

Heritage Honoured

Our cherished birthright, we are committed to cultivate Qatar’s traditions of music and folkloric art amongst the new generations.

One for All. All for One.

That’s the spirit at Qatar Music Academy. Regardless of race, language or religion, everyone is an equal. We actively promote cultural exchanges, to break barriers down. In diversity, we embrace unity.

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