Guide to Assessment

What should I expect at the assessment?

All shortlisted students, regardless of experience, will be required to complete a musical aptitude test where our teachers will be gauging the potential musical talent of students.

Beginner students will not be asked to play an instrument. Instead, the potential student and their parents will have an informal interview with one of our teachers.

More experienced students will be required to play at least one piece on each instrument that they play and will be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of music theory. Please allow approximately one hour for the assessment process to be completed. Bring sheet music with you and inform us in advance if you require an accompanist or sound system.

What do I need to bring with me?

All students attending an assessment must present the following documents. Regrettably the assessment cannot take place without this documentation:

  • Latest school report
  • A letter from their current music teacher (if available) detailing the child’s progress, achievements to date, practice habits and musicality
  • A copy of the assessment invitation

When will the auditions be held?

  • Auditions will be scheduled during a particular period (dates to be determined). Audition dates pertaining to specific instruments will be listed on this page shortly.
  • Audition dates and times are assigned by the QMA Admissions office.
  • All audition dates are subject to change/cancellation according to faculty availability.

What else do I need to know?

  • All auditions will take place at QMA’s facility in Katara (building 8). Click here for a map and driving directions.
  • All students who are successful at the initial assessment will be automatically considered for a scholarship (except for QMA Financial Aid applicants who must complete a separate application available at QMA reception). In order to qualify for a scholarship, students will need to return to QMA for further assessment.

Audition dates - Western instruments

Dates to be determined 

Audition dates - Arab instruments

Dates to be determined

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