Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

(a) These Terms and Conditions are intended to promote the education and welfare of each student.

(b) Our prospectus and website are not contractual documents.

(c) Managing Change: Qatar Music Academy, as any other school, is likely to undergo a number of changes during the time you or your child studies here.

(d) Documents referred to: Before accepting the offer of a place, parents and students receive a copy of the School Rules. Parents also have an opportunity, on request, to see any of the other documents referred to in these Terms and Conditions

2. Terminology

(a) "The School"/"We"/"Us" means Qatar Music Academy in Doha, as now or in the future constituted.

(b) "Governing Body"/"Board of Governors"/"Governor/s" means the governing body of Qatar Music Academy, who are responsible for governance of the School.

(c) "The Dean" is responsible for the day-to-day running of the School and that expression includes those to whom any duties of the Dean or of the Governing Body have been delegated.

(d) "The Parents"/"You" means any person who has signed the Acceptance Form and/or who has accepted responsibility for a child's attendance at this School. Parents are legally responsible, individually and jointly, for complying with their obligations under these terms and conditions. Those who have "parental responsibility" (i.e. legal responsibility for the child) are entitled to receive relevant information concerning the child.

(e) "The Student/Pupil" is the person named on the Admission Form.

(f) “Acceptance Form” means the form provided by the School for parents/students to complete when accepting a place at the School.

(g) "School Rules" means a guide to conduct and the rules of the School, a copy of the current version of which is provided on entry and is sent to parents with the letter offering a place at the School, as those rules may be amended from time to time for legal, safety or other substantive reasons or in order to assist the proper administration of the School. Parents will be given notice of such amendments;

3. Admission and entry into the school

(a) Applicants will be considered as candidates for admission and entry to the School when the Application Form has been completed and returned to us and the Registration Fee paid. Admission will be subject to the availability of a place and the student (s) and parents satisfying the admission requirements at the time. "Admission" occurs when parents accept the offer of a place. "Entry" is the date when a student attends the School for the first time.

(b) The School welcomes students from many different ethnic groups, backgrounds and creeds. Human rights and freedoms are respected.

(c) All tuition will be available in English. Additional courses are available in Arabic, as stipulated on the website.

4. Pastoral care

(a) Pastoral care is directed towards the happiness, success, safety and welfare of each student.

(b) Our Commitment: We will do all that is reasonable to safeguard and promote you or your child’s welfare and to provide the highest standard of pastoral care. We will respect you or your child's human rights and freedoms which must, however, be balanced with the lawful needs and rules of our school community and the rights and freedoms of others.

(c) Complaints: Any question, concern or complaint about the pastoral care or safety of a student must be given immediately to the relevant pastoral figure, or, in the case of a grave concern, must be given in writing to the Headmaster and/or by telephone in a case of emergency.

(d) Ethos: We aim to foster good relationships between members of the staff, the students themselves and between members of the staff and students. Bullying, harassment, victimization and discrimination will not be tolerated. The School and its staff will act fairly in relation to the students and parents, and we expect the same of students and parents in relation to the School.

(e) Physical Contact: Parents give their consent to such physical contact as may accord with good practice and be appropriate and proper for teaching and instruction and for providing comfort to a pupil in distress or to maintain safety and good order, or in connection with the student's health and welfare.

(f) Disclosures: The School must be informed in confidence any known medical condition, health problem or allergy affecting the student, any history of a learning difficulty on the part of the student or any member of his/her immediate family, or any family circumstances or court order which might affect the student's welfare or happiness, or any concerns about the student's safety.

(g) Confidentiality: The parents authorize the Dean to override their own and (so far as they are entitled to do so) a student's rights of confidentiality, and to impart confidential information on a "need-to-know" basis where necessary to safeguard or promote a student's welfare or to avert a perceived risk of serious harm to the student or to another person at the School. In some cases, teachers and other employees of the School may need to be informed of any particular vulnerability the student may have. This is will be done with or without the consent of the pupil and/or parent. The School reserves the right to monitor the student's e-mail communications and internet use.

(h) Photographs: We may include some photographs or images of students in the school's promotional material such as the prospectus and website. We would not disclose the name or home address of a child without the parents' consent. To avoid a photograph or image appearing in any of the School's promotional materials the Dean must be notified of such in writing.

(i) Student's Personal Property: Students are responsible for the security and safe use of all their personal property including money, mobile phones, locker keys, watches, computers, calculators and musical instruments, and for property lent to them by the School.

(j) Insurance: Student must make their own arrangements for the insurance of personal property whilst at school or on the way to and from school or any school-sponsored activity away from school premises. From time to time the School can, via its insurance brokers, offer other forms of insurance such as personal accident benefits or fee remission insurance, but the School does not accept a contractual duty to do so.

(k) Liability: Unless negligent or guilty of some other wrongdoing causing injury, loss or damage, the School does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or other loss caused to the student or parents or for loss or damage to property.

5. Medical

(a) Medical Declaration: Parents will be asked to complete a form of medical declaration concerning the student's health and must inform the Dean in writing if the student develops any known medical condition, health problem or allergy, or has been in contact with infectious diseases.

(b) Student's Health: The Dean may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the student's general health.

(c) Medical Information: Throughout a student's time as a member of the School, the School Medical Officer shall have the right to disclose confidential information about the student, if considered to be in the student's own interests or necessary for the protection of other members of the school community. Such information will be given and received on a confidential, ‘need-to-know’, basis.

(d) Emergency Medical Treatment: The Dean is authorized to consent on behalf of the student receiving emergency medical treatment, where certified by an appropriately qualified person necessary for the student's welfare and if the parents or next of kin cannot be contacted in time.

(e) Student vaccinations must be kept up to date.

6. Notice Requirements

(a) If a student wished to withdraw from the Music for All Programme, one month’s notice is required.

7. The school rules and disciplinary procedures

(a) Students must comply with the school rules, as amended from time to time

(b) The school rules intend to ensure an acceptable standard of behaviour in and around school and on any school activity. It puts emphasis on the positive behaviour to be expected and rewarded as well as setting out sanctions to be imposed in the event of misbehaviour.

(c) The Dean may at his discretion suspend students temporarily or require them to leave or be expelled from the School, in accordance with the school rules, if he considers that attendance, progress or behavior (including behaviour outside school) is seriously unsatisfactory and in the reasonable opinion of the Dean the removal is in the School’s best interests.

8. The School's Obligations

(a) Subject to these terms and conditions, the School undertakes to accept your child as a pupil of the School from the time of joining the School until the end of the Music for All Programme.

(b) While your son remains a pupil of the School, we undertake to exercise due skill and care in respect of his education and welfare. This obligation will apply during school hours and at other times when your son is participating in activities organised by the School.

(c) In order to fulfil our obligations, we need your co-operation, in particular by: fulfilling your own obligations under these terms and conditions; encouraging your son in his studies, and giving appropriate support at home; keeping the School informed of matters which affect your son; and attending meetings and otherwise keeping in touch with the School where your son’s interests so require.

9. The Parents’ Obligations

(a) You undertake to inform the School of any situations where special arrangements may be needed in relation to your son.

(b) The School will be entitled (unless notified otherwise) to treat any communication from any person who has signed the Acceptance Form as having been given on behalf of both such persons. Unless other arrangements are agreed between you and the School we shall be entitled to treat any communication from the School to any such person as having been made to both of them.

(c) We cannot accept any responsibility for the welfare of your son while off the School premises unless he is taking part in a school activity or otherwise under the supervision of a member of the School staff.

(d) If you have cause for concern as to a matter of safety, care, discipline or progress of your child you must inform the School without delay. Complaints should be made in accordance with the School’s Complaints Procedure.

10. Communications

(a) All notices required to be given under these terms and conditions must be given in writing. You undertake to notify the School of any change of address of any person who has signed the Acceptance Form. Communications (including notices) will be sent by the School to the address shown in its records. Notices that you are required to give under these terms and conditions must be addressed to the Dean.

11. Force Majeure

(a) In this agreement "force majeure" shall mean any cause beyond a party's control (including for the avoidance of doubt strikes, other industrial disputes, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction (including that of a local authority), accident, fire, flood, storm, pandemic or epidemic of any disease, terrorist attack, chemical or biological contamination).

(b) In the event of a force majeure arising which prevents or delays the School's performance of any of its obligations under this agreement, the School shall forthwith give you notice in writing specifying the nature and extent of the circumstances giving rise to the force majeure. Provided that the School has acted reasonably and prudently to prevent and minimise the effect of the force majeure, the School will have no liability in respect of the performance of such of its obligations as are prevented by the force majeure while it continues. The School shall use its best endeavours during the continuance of the force majeure to provide educational services.

(c) If the School is prevented from performance of its obligations for a continuous period greater than four months, the School shall notify you of the steps it shall take to ensure performance of the agreement.

(d) In the event of a force majeure which affects your ability to perform any of your obligations under this agreement, you shall give the School notice in writing of the force majeure. You shall not be liable for non-performance of such obligations during the continuance of the force majeure but in the event of the force majeure continuing for more than four months, you shall discuss with the School a solution by which this agreement may be performed.

12. Variations

(a) We reserve the right to change or add to these terms and conditions from time to time for legal, safety or other substantive reasons or in order to assist the proper delivery of education at the School. The School will send you notice of any such modifications prior to the end of the penultimate term before the modifications are to take effect.

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