Marasi Ensemble

Marasi Group

Pictured left to right (click on the name for a musician biography): Bayan Rida, Issa Boulos, Yassine Ayari,  Taoufik Mirkhan and George Oro.

The Marasi Ensemble was established by Qatar Music Academy (QMA) in 2011 to explore the theory, practice and history of maqam music. It will help QMA to achieve its objectives by building awareness and appreciation of traditional Arab music, by preserving the legacy of Arabian musical cultures and by fostering new talent.

Marasi emphasises the authentic interpretations of traditional maqam music and its compositional and improvisational techniques that are unique to non-Western musical culture. Classical, neo-classical and popular maqam music from all over the Middle East will be explored.

The ensemble comprises faculty members of QMA’s Arab music department and performs on traditional instruments such as the `ud, buzuq, nay, qanun, violin (Kaman), and a variety of Middle Eastern percussion instruments such as darbukkah, riq, duhul, and tar (bendir, mazhar).

For more information about Marasi, please contact Yassine Ayari,

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