There are relatively few published studies about the traditional Arab music of Qatar and the wider Gulf region. Whilst there is an undoubted rich musical heritage in our locality, the musical traditions are generally orally communicated between generations and actual documented music is rare. This hinders the full appreciation of Arab music amongst the local community and also hampers the education of future Arab musicians. Qatar Music Academy aims to conduct much needed research into this area through a number of research projects in the coming years. 

The 2014 research project:
Arabian Gulf music and songs during the 20th Century

The Arab Music Department at Qatar Music Academy is happy to announce that it will start a research project to explore Qatari music and music of the Arabian Gulf during the 20th and 21st centuries. The aim of the project is to publish a collection of scholarly works written by a number of expert ethnomusicologists from around the world. Potential subjects could include the following:

  • Music in the Gulf region (rhythms, songs, wedding songs, women songs, etc)
  • Technology, commerce and innovation in the Gulf
  • Globalism in the context of musical production targeting youth culture in the Gulf
  • Music of ethnic minority groups in the Gulf
  • The oil economy and the role of government in the preservation of traditional culture
  • Music as Cultural Policy
  • Music as Diplomacy
  • Music Education in the Gulf region
  • Musical cosmopolitanism in the Gulf
  • Religion and politics in music
  • Hip Hop and youth culture
  • Issues of accessibility, mobility and expression
  • Preservation and continuity in the musical cultures of the Arabian Gulf

Research symposium - call for papers

QMA will host a symposium to discuss these possible topics with interested ethnomusicological researchers. This will take place in Doha, Qatar, from April 26-28, 2014. The primary language of communication in the symposium will be English. If you are interest in participating in the research project and attending the symposium, please send an abstract of your paper and a short CV to the project coordinator, Yassine Ayari, by 30 December 2013. Proposals will be peer-reviewed by the Qatar Music Research Project Board:
  • Issa Boulos (Board Director, Qatar Music Academy)
  • Martin Stokes (Member, King’s College London, U.K.)
  • Yassine Ayari (Member, Project Coordinator, Qatar Music Academy)
  • Ahmad al-Salhi (Member, Institute of Middle Eastern Music, Kuwait)
  • Anne Rasmussen (Member, College of William & Mary, U.S.A)

Notes: the number of participants is limited. Funding is not available to meet travel and accommodation costs, and participants will also be responsible for their visa expenses. Those accepted will be informed in late January 2014.

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