Personal Lessons on Arab and Western Instruments

Qatar Music Academy offers non-degree instrumental lessons to students who are interested in studying music. Students are not required to complete examinations, such as the QMA internal exam or the ABRSM exam. However, students must perform two contrasting pieces at least once a year in a class recital (adult students and students over the age of 15 are not required to perform on stage if they do not wish to). At the end of the academic year, students will receive detailed feedback on their stage performances, as well as a detailed report on their progress from their teacher. Please note that successful completion and further continuation on the programme for students who do not perform a recital will be determined by an evalution report, prepared by the student's respective teacher. The number of places available is dependent upon the availability of instrumental teachers. 

Audience: Students of all ages

Type of activity:
A full range of instruments will be offered to students of all ages. Please see the Western instruments below with the age requirements. Arab instruments include kaman, 'ud, nay, qanun and percussion.

Western instruments
5 year olds: violin and cello
6-8 year olds: As above plus piano and percussion.
9-10 year olds: As above plus flute, clarinet and trumpet.
11-18 year olds: As above plus viola, oboe, saxophone, bassoon, bass clarinet, trombone, French horn, voice, euphonium and tuba

Students must have their own instrument. Students wanting to learn the piano must have their own piano at home. Students without a piano at home will not be offered piano tuition. Students learning percussion must have a drum kit at home. Students without a drum kit at home will not be offered percussion tuition. For help with selecting the right instrument to purchase please contact Mejeb Al Khayarin in the Admissions office tel: 4454 1824 or

Lesson times: The scheduling of lessons will be completed in May, 2019 and students will be contacted with their allocated time and day. Where the lesson time is not agreeable to the student QMA will attempt to reschedule to a mutually agreeable time if possible.

Language of Instruction: Arabic (Arab Dept.) and English (Arab and Western Dept.)

 QR125 per 30 minute lesson; QR250 for 60 minute lesson (only for students above Grade 4); QR375 for 90 minute lesson (only for students above grade 7). Fees must be paid by the term

Online enrolment TBC.

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